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FAQs & Policies

Have questions about shipping? Sizes? Custom orders? Check out some FAQs and policies below for the most common questions regarding anything and everything Novelly Yours!


My current processing time upon receiving payment for an order is 7-14 days, not including the shipping transit time. Depending on what I have in stock, it may ship much quicker but make sure to allow up to 14 days for your item to ship! Custom items may take even longer. If you ever need an order by a specific date, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate! If there are any delays for any reason, I will be sure to contact the customer.
All shipments will be sent in a secure box via USPS with tracking. Tealights or melts may be shipped in a bubble envelope. Any orders under 13oz will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Any orders over 14oz are usually shipped USPS Priority. Shipping options will be determined based on quantity/size of items as well as weight. Items may be wrapped with any of the following: bubble wrap (if the item is glass or possibly fragile), brown kraft paper, or tissue paper. All boxes are filled with krinkle paper for padding... and flair!
All shipping rates are estimated by USPS so please check the estimated pricing with all items in your cart before messaging! The rates available from the shop are the best possible costs I can offer. Please note that shipping costs include costs for packaging, padding, and boxes as well as labels. I currently receive no shipping discounts so unfortunately, I can't discount shipping at this time. Shipping costs are non-negotiable BUT if you feel like a shipping cost may be incorrect, please do send me a message and I will look into it. Some larger orders are sometimes not calculated well due to how the system "packs" them in the boxes and we can come up with a solution. I also do refund any excess shipping that a customer may have paid if it didn't end up costing that much.
If your box is damaged by the postal carrier, please send photos to me immediately and we can file a claim with the post office. Novelly Yours cannot be held responsible for any carrier-caused damages but I will work with customers to find a happy solution should this occur! The summer months can get hot! Candles should not be left in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time so please keep in mind how long your package will be left unattended/on a porch/in a hot area if ordering in the summer. Novelly Yours cannot be held responsible for any damages due to melting nor any issues with a package being damaged in transit. BUT if an issue does arise, let me know and we can work something out on a case-by-case basis.
If a box is lost in the mail (i.e., tracking never updates), I will start a search with the post office to locate it. If the box can be found, it will be sent on to the customer. If the box cannot be located, we will file a claim and if the claim is approved, I will send out a replacement. PLEASE NOTE that these processes take time! Please have patience as these are postal issues and not a reflection on the shop. Please note that Novelly Yours cannot be responsible for lost or stolen packages!!! If any package has been marked as "DELIVERED" and you cannot locate it, unfortunately, I cannot refund or replace these items. The tracking is my proof that it was delivered safely by the postal carrier. If this happens, please double check the address that was provided, ask around to family/friends/neighbors, and check with the post office to make sure it wasn't brought back to your local branch. If none of these options turn up your package, unfortunately I cannot assist with refunds since I cannot claim insurance on a delivered package. Items will need to be reordered.
No, I cannot guarantee a delivery date. I will work as best as I can to make sure your item arrives on time but I am a small business with a family and another full-time job. I will process a rush order as fast as I can if a delivery date is requested, otherwise your order will ship within the allotted 7 - 14 processing days. The postal service is responsible for delivering your packages. If there are any delays in shipment, I will work with you to find out where the package is and what the ETA might be but once it has left my hands, I cannot be responsible for any shipping delays. If you are in need of a rush order, please DO NOT use USPS First Class shipping. This shipping option is the cheapest but can take up to 7 - 10 business days to arrive. Please use Priority shipping rates if you need an item quickly. I will process a shipment as whatever you paid for. Any shipping upgrades will not be processed for free unless the delay is on my end as the manufacturer.
I ship internationally! Shipping costs can be calculated with the shipping estimator on any item page (and if you've used it, yes, that is accurate). PLEASE NOTE that in some countries, extra customs charges may apply. The customer is responsible for paying those extra customs so please do be aware prior to purchasing. If you have any questions or issues, please contact me!
I will accept returns on ANY order for any reason but refunds may not be eligible for all cases. Exchanges or replacements at zero charge will only be processed if the item has a fundamental issue (production/quality) or was damaged in shipment and we are able to process a claim. For any items that have been damaged in shipment, please immediately send photos of the damaged candles and we will file a claim with the postal carrier. PLEASE NOTE this process takes time and claim may need to be approved before I am able to send replacement items. ** This does not include melting issues ** I cannot be held responsible for any items that have melted in transit or while sitting on a porch. I cannot process any returns or refunds without first seeing what the issue is. If you need to make a return, please contact me within a week of receiving the order. All returns must be shipped back in unused condition (candle must be unlit, melts fully in tact) at shipper's expense. Once the package has shipped and tracking has been initiated, I can no longer be held responsible for how it is handled in transit/delivery so please be understanding when there are shipping issues. Any orders where tracking shows "delivered" cannot be refunded as that is my proof of delivery. The package may be lost or stolen. If the package is still missing after performing investigations, it may need to be reordered.
I do! I can make a custom candle in any size but I do require a minimum of one 8oz batch so if you're looking to order sizes smaller than the 8oz tin, the smallest possible order would be multiple candles in the custom scent (for example, two 4oz candles or four 2oz candles). I can make a custom candle from any fragrance that I currently have in inventory and will try to match your desired color as best as I can! If I don't have a fragrance that you really, truly want to include, I can likely order it from one of my vendors but I will likely have to charge extra. All custom candles are fully customizable in any of the size vessels that I currently stock! You get to choose the size, the name, the candle color, the fragrances (preferably no more than 3-5), and the color scheme for the labels. Customization for the 12oz jars will be offered at a later date.
I sure do! As of right now, I am still working a full-time job and candles are my night/weekend job so please keep this in mind when requesting a bulk order. I usually require a few weeks for lead time to make sure I have enough time to order all of the supplies and then produce your order. I do offer bulk/wholesale pricing for bulk orders and pricing varies based on the size of the order. Please contact me for details. I currently am not able to discount shipping on bulk orders but I never overcharge. I will bill you the exact shipping costs. For details on payments and invoicing, please contact me!
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A 2oz candle is about a tall as three tealights stacked on top of each other and a little bit wider. A tealight holds 0.5oz of wax so it's technically four times the size!
If you feel that your candle is not filling a whole room with fragrance, here are some options to try to help: Relocate your candle to a smaller room. For example, my open floor plan house lets fragrances permeate between a number of rooms and takes a few candles to get a concentrated smell! You'll be able to smell a candle more in a smaller or more contained room. Buy a larger candle! The tealights, 2oz candles, and 4oz candles MAY fill a room but are not designed to fill a room with scent due to their small size. Step out of the room and come back in a few minutes later. Your nose gets used to smells over time and you may be adjusting to the scent!
Soy wax has gained some popularity, especially with US candle-makers and the hand-crafted community, because it is all-natural (oil taken from soy beans) and often grown locally (for US sellers) in the US, most often in the midwest! Soy is also great because it burns cleanly, lasts a long time, and is eco-friendly! It’s also really easy to clean in case of spills, or if you want to use your container for something else when your candle wax has all burned away! (Hot water and regular soap will clean up soy wax!)
All soy wax is “all-natural” (unless blended with another kind of wax that is not a naturally occurring wax) but there is a difference between “100% soy wax” and “all-natural soy wax”. 100% means that the ONLY ingredient in the wax is pure soy, nothing else. “All-natural” means that the selected wax probably contains natural, botanical oils that help with things like a smooth appearance and prevents a little frosting. Both are totally natural, commonly used, and widely popular but do have different meanings! I saw somewhere else where a seller (not in the book community) had said that “100% soy wax” doesn’t exist but I double checked with my supplier and they definitely sell a “100%” wax! They have many different brands and variations available for purchase but only one 100% soy wax so it may be less common, but it definitely does exist! By the time a candle-maker has this kind of wording on their label, they probably have done their homework and know what they’re marketing but if you ever have a question, I’m sure you can reach out and check! When it comes to legitimacy, both 100% and all-natural soy waxes are perfect for any soy candles sold in containers (like jars or tins — there’s a whole different line of soy waxes for pillar candles since soy wax has a low melting temp)! The other differences between 100% and all-natural soy waxes are pouring temperatures, maximum fragrance potential (only by a 2% difference, so really not too much), and different melting points. Candle manufacturers usually select the different waxes based on what they want their final product to be/look like since things like melting point (which can also be looked at from the flip side as a cooling point) and how the wax settles within a container for a smoother side/top.
Soy wax is vegetable wax and is a confirmed kosher product. As long as the wax (whether 100% or all-natural with those botanical oils) isn’t adulterated by other items, soy wax is a kosher product. I was able to confirm from my fragrance suppliers that the fragrances that I use are kosher as well but my dye supplier couldn’t confirm if the dyes were kosher as well. This doesn’t mean that candles with dye aren’t kosher but my vendor gets the dye from another supplier and they weren’t able to confirm to me whether the dyes were kosher or not, so I don’t currently market my candles as kosher BUT any candle that I do sell without a dye (any candles that are white in color) are confirmed kosher products!
“Hot throw” and “cold throw” are commonly used terms to describe the fragrances and strengths of a candle . A “hot throw” is the fragrance and strength when the candle is lit. The “cold throw” is the fragrance and strength when the candle is unlit. A candle may have a stronger cold throw than hot throw or vice versa. Sometimes fragrances perform a bit differently in the cold throw vs hot throw. Cold & hot throws usually have the same fragrance profile but some scents may come out stronger while burning than while unlit. This is a possibility with some soy wax and sometimes based on the selected fragrance combination. Anyone who uses fragrances will usually refer to different “notes” of their product, often times referring to top, middle, and bottom notes. Top notes are the scents that come out the most when you smell a candle are are usually the stronger or sharper scents, which is why your nose picks up on them first. Middle notes are identifiable after those top notes and give a little “heart” to the fragrance (which is why they’re also called heart notes). The bottom (or base) notes are the more subtle scents that tend to blend more or aren’t at strong as the top and middle notes. Bottom notes in candles tend to add to an overall feel of a candle rather than being a distinctly identifiable fragrance in itself so if you ever see a scent included in your candle description that you can’t really smell on its own, try to pull it out of that overall feel that it adds to your candle instead of the scent itself! It may be a base note! For example: Pretty much any time I use a “snow” scent, that’s a bottom note in my candles. It’s a very soft and earthy scent and adds to the overall feel of a candle rather than a customer being able to say “Oh, I smell the snow!” The Queen of Terrasen candle is a great example of picking out these notes! Pine is a very strong scent and that’s easily identifiable and will be one of the first scents someone notices. The lavender in the candle will be identifiable as a middle note because it adds to the candle but doesn’t overpower. The snow, although it’s the second fragrance in the candle in terms of quantity used, will follow as a bottom/base note, softening up that pine and lavender to give the Queen of Terrasen candle a softer feel and not so strong and overpowering with big scents like pine and lavender!
“Frosting” refers to little crystal-like structures that you see on soy wax candles on occasion. Frosting usually occurs during the cooling process or as a result of other things added to the wax (like dye), and can even result from just the wax itself and how it cools. Frosting is a natural occurrence in soy candles, especially with 100% soy wax (which is why some shops choose that “all-natural” wax that contains natural botanical oils that help combat some of that frosting). If you see any frosting on your candles, don’t worry! It’s totally natural and common in soy candles and won’t affect your burn or fragrance. Most of the time it’s from the way the wax melts and resets as it cools. Frosting and/or discoloration may also occur after burning a candle, especially with darker colored dyes. It all has to do with the way things heat up and then cool down again. It’s all natural with soy wax!
Tins and jars can get warm when burning for an extended period of time. Keep your candle on a heat-resistant surface and away from kids/pets/flammable objects! The tins that I use for my candles have little feet on the bottom to help avoid some direct heat from whatever table/counter/mantle you may have it on BUT if you burn for multiple hours, the tins still do get hot! I like to put candles on a coaster (marble, tile, ceramic, etc) if I know I’m burning for an extended period of time, just in case! My personal advice… please do not burn candles in your bookcases! If you’re using them for a photo, we as candle-makers will of course always advise caution but leaving a candle burning in/on your shelves is extremely dangerous (wood, paper… you know) and especially candles without feet may damage that wood underneath, or heat given off from the candle may damage the shelves up above! Always allow wax to fully melt/pool to the outer edges (usually 3-4 hours on larger candles, at least two hours on smaller candles) before blowing it out! Extinguishing too soon causes wax to tunnel (burn straight down) and then you’re missing out on so much candle! If you’re super quick with that Instagram photo and it’s only burning for a few minutes, that probably won’t cause tunneling but burning for only an hour at a time may start to set a pattern for your wax that you can’t get out of! I actually didn’t learn about this concept until I started making candles myself a couple years ago but it’s actually super important! Keeping your wick trimmed prevents all of that extra soot from flying around and sticking to the sides of your tin/jar. If your flame is dancing a lot, gets super tall, or forms a “mushroom” on the top, it’s best to blow out your candle, trim the wick, and relight. It’s also dangerous when flames get super tall (even though it looks kinda cool), especially if you’re burning near other objects. If you’re worried about tunneling, just blow out your candle, trim that wick really quickly, and light it back up so the wax doesn’t even cool! Wicks should be kept at around 1/4″ for best possible burning!



I sure do! I'm happy to produce candles for subscription boxes, author promos, pre-order incentives, bridal/wedding showers, and more!
Any candles processed for a bulk order can be a regular listing or a custom idea. Any custom ideas will be exclusive to your bulk order unless you request it to be sold in the shop or I have your permission to post it elsewhere. All fragrance ideas, candle colors, and labels colors are totally up to you and I will do my best to match them all! I do not currently offer fully custom labels (i.e. not my regular shop design) for bulk orders unless it is for a personal event like a bridal shower/baby shower/wedding, etc.
Rates vary based on the amount needed. I do offer bulk or wholesale pricing depending on the requested amount. I will be happy to provide a specific quote for your candle needs.
This also depends on the quantity needed as well as how much I may need to order for your custom candles. I generally request 2-3 weeks since I will need to order materials specifically for your order, process it, package it, and ship it! Please keep lead times in mind when making bulk requests.
The customer is responsibly for shipping costs. Unfortunately, I don't currently receive any shipping discounts from any shippers so I don't have discounts to offer but I always bill the exact shipping price and there is nothing added on. I will ship with whichever shipper you request, although I cannot ship bulk orders via ground transport (whether USPS or UPS/Fed-Ex) during the summer months. (I learned the hard way on this! Melted candles galore. It's not worth the hassle, trust me!) As with any regular orders, once the order has been shipped, any damages that occur in transit are the carrier's responsibility. I will be happy to replace any damaged/lost items for your order and we can follow the proper procedure to file claims with the carrier.
I do! I've shipped a few bulk orders overseas and so far haven't had many issues! Please note that for any international orders, I will need more lead time for that extra transit time. Other countries may also add on customs charges upon receipt. Any customs charges are the customer's responsibility.